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  1. Pull up to Cashpoint machine
  2. Insert card
  3. Enter PIN number and amount
  4. Take cash, card and receipt
  1. Pull up to Cashpoint machine
  2. Check makeup in rearview mirror
  3. Shut off engine
  4. Put keys in handbag
  5. Get out of car because you're too far from machine
  6. Hunt for card in handbag
  7. Insert card
  8. Hunt in handbag for tampon wrapper with PIN number written on it
  9. Enter PIN number
  10. Study instructions for at least 2 minutes
  11. Hit "cancel"
  12. Re-enter correct PIN number
  13. Check balance
  14. Look for envelope
  15. Look in handbag for pen
  16. Make out deposit slip
  17. Endorse cheques
  18. Make deposit
  19. Study instructions
  20. Make cash withdrawal
  21. Get in car
  22. Check makeup
  23. Look for keys
  24. Start car
  25. Check makeup
  26. Start pulling away
  27. Stop.
  28. Back up to machine
  29. Get out of car
  30. Take card and receipt
  31. Get back in car
  32. Put card in purse
  33. Put receipt in chequebook
  34. Enter deposits and withdrawals in chequebook
  35. Clear area in handbag for purse and chequebook
  36. Check makeup
  37. Put car in reverse gear
  38. Put car in drive
  39. Drive away from machine
  40. Travel 3 miles
  41. Release handbrake

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mb21 by Mike Brown
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