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written by Peter Jury

In the beginning Dog created the Wax Cylinder and caused to be graven upon it the image of The Word of His Masters Voice. And all the multitudes who passed by heard the Word and were sore afraid, falling upon their knees in great awe and making humble obeisance to the Closest Approach to the Original Sound.

Since that time many wise men have laboured diligently and with great skill to fashion a likeness of the image of the Word of Dog upon tablets of Shellac, or of Vinyl and, yea, even in the Dark Ages, upon Ribbons of Iron, that the Word might be carried by disciples and travellers, and so heard by all the multitudes throughout the length and breadth of the land, spreading knowledge and wisdom to all of the Common Man.

And it came to pass that belief in the Word of Dog grew mightily, and multiplied in many forms throughout the land, giving the common people inspiration to gather and worship at the Great Temple of Emee in the Road of Abbey, at the Shrine of Decca in the outer lands, and even unto the Sacred Halls of Beeb, where the Word was that Peace was Spoken unto All Nations.

Thus grew the great congregations of the Believers of Analogue, together with the crafts and skills of the Servants and Artisans providing the needs of the Temples and the Shrines. And there grew also the power of the Priests of the Believers, but the Priests agreed not amongst themselves, preaching with forked tongues the Doctrines from the Lands Across the Seas, rendering confusion to the multitudes and turmoil throughout the Land of Analogue.

And so the Word of Dog was finally rendered corrupt by the wicked beliefs from far lands, wherein lived the Secret Sects of Seedee, of Emdee, and even the dreaded Tribe of Deeceecee, but of Evil surpassing all others were the Magicians of Tenbitte, Keepers of the Black Spells of Pasc and Atracs.

Then there came Wise Men from the East, from the mystic city of Streathame, hard by the Dominion of Elyie, where the majestic skies are great, even beyond the comprehension of Man, and where the Waters of the Earth advance and cover the land for many days and nights.

These wisest of Wise Men bore with them a great and truthful gift, causing the graven image of their Goddess, one Sadie, to be erected in the heart of the Land of the Believers of Analogue, that all might behold the Great Truth and wonder at her coming.

For the Goddess Sadie could speak in all manner of tongues, in the Word of Dog to the common man, in the learned phrases of Aesebu to the High Priest, Keeper of the Standards, even in the evil words of Espedif, the wicked language of the Tribes Beyond the Sea. And all who beheld the Goddess marvelled at such patient truth and understanding, and the corrupt Priests of the Believers of Analogue were cast into the depths of their Temples and Shrines by the mutitude and forced to consider their Doctrines anew.

And the Wisest of Men from the East laboured mightily with industry and fortitude for many days and nights to make perfect the image of their Goddess Sadie, causing the Truth to be engraved with great diligence upon the Rotating Tablets of Winchester, that all might know of the cleansed and purified Word of Dog, and that the knowledge be preserved for all time in the Land of the Believers of Analogue.

It came to pass that, in the fullness of time, the Wisest of Men of the Brotherhood of Sadie decreed that the Purified Word of Dog should be spread far and wide, that all peoples of the Earth should behold the Great Truth of the Many Windows of the Goddess. It befell to a Disciple of Sadie, one Brother Mortimer, Keeper of the Bytes of Gold, to travel the length and breadth of the land spreading the Word to all the populace, believers and unbelievers alike, even to the ends of the Earth, and into the depths of the Innermost Temple of the Great Halls of Beeb.

So the Good Brother Mortimer was received into the Temples and Shrines of the Priests of the Believers of Analogue and, such was the truth of the Good Brothers words of Sixteen, Twenty and Twentyfour Bits, that the Priests, the Servants, the Artisans and, yea, even the common man listened and believed in the Purified Word of Dog as spoken by the Disciple of the Goddess Sadie.

And in due course the beliefs of Sadie spread throughout the land, and the Windows and Rotating Tablets of the Goddess multiplied in Manifold Goodness and Truth, casting out doubt and confusion for all time and rendering all life harmonious for eternity, yea, even unto Version Three.

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