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European Directive No.: 001/2659-894/ART/004/98

Pursuant to the TERMS of the CONCEPT of ARTISTIC INTEGRITY, as embedded in the Constitution of the E.U., it is DIRECTED that, as from 00.01hrs EST on the First Day of April, Nineteen Ninety Eight, the CLAUSE:


will be MANDATORY throughout the E.U. and thereafter, in that the NUMBER OF EDITS in any recording of CLASSICAL MUSIC must be clearly shown on each and every Compact Disc and its accompanying artwork.

It should be noted furthermore that it will be an INFRINGEMENT of the CLAUSE should it be STATED or otherwise IMPLIED, that the greater the number of edits carried out and listed means that an ENHANCED MUSICAL EXPERIENCE will be forthcoming.

Attention is also drawn to the sub-clause contained within the above clause, which requires that it must also be CLEARLY STATED if a “REPEAT” section, or part thereof, is used more than once.

Following this initial stage of enactment, there will shortly be an addendum which will require that the ACTUAL PLAYING TIMES at which the above mentioned EDITS occur must be listed relevant to the appropriate section of the printed notes contained within the booklet or inlay so that this might aid Reviewers’ deliberations.

The Industry will also need to be aware that a further Directive (007/2659-899/ART/004/98) will take effect from April the First, Nineteen Ninety Nine, concerning the NUMBER OF MICROPHONES which were used in any recording of classical music. The Directive obliges all Producers to list all such Transducers or Devices used in the aforementioned recordings to be ITEMISED and DESCRIBED in a similar manner to the number of edits.

It will be an INFRINGEMENT of this Directive, as with the one previously referred to, should it be STATED or otherwise IMPLIED, that the greater the number of microphones in use and so listed, means that an enhanced musical experience will be forthcoming.

Brussels trans. 01/01.98

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