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Receiving your local ITV1 region is as easy as pressing 103

The regions are allocated to the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) according to postcode.

If you live in an overlap area you should find your alternative ITV1 on channel 963
Some people live in a triple-overlap area and will receive a second alternative ITV1 on 964
It is possible to add the other regions to your EPG but you need to know certain details.

Here's how to do it...

First, press Services on your Sky remote, and select Option 4 - System Setup ...

Then select Option 4 - Add Channels ...
The ITV stations are broadcast on three different transponders and you need to enter a different set of parameters into the Add Channels page for each transponder in turn. These are the settings for each transponder, along with a list of the regions each one provides.
Frequency:  10758 10891 10906
Polarisation: V H V
Symbol Rate: 22.0 22.0 22.0
FEC: 5/6 5/6 5/6
  Anglia E Anglia W Channel
  London Border STV E
  Central W Meridian S STV N
    Meridian SE STV S
    Granada Ulster
    Tyne Tees  
Updated: 23-Sep-2009
After entering the information for one of the three transponders and selecting Find Channels you will see a list similar to this.

Highlight each region you wish to add using the up/down arrow buttons, select them by pressing the yellow key and then add your selection by pressing the Select key.

Then repeat this process for the other two transponders.

When you have done this you can select any of these channels to watch by pressing Services and selecting Option 6 - Other Channels
You should then have a list similar to this from which to select the channel you wish to watch.

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