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Title: The Space Between
Date: Original tx: 4-Oct-1973
Running order: Composer Author
1.  La Grande Piece de la Foire de la Rue Delaware Malcolm Clarke
2.  The History of the Seven Families of the Lake Pipple-Popple  Richard Yeoman-Clark  Edward Lear
3.  Green Fuse Glynis Jones
4.  Great Zoo Delia Derbyshire
5.  The Blue Light Paddy Kingsland The Brothers Grimm
6.  Brio John Baker
7. Travelling Thought Malcolm Clarke
The Space Between

This was the first radio programme devoted exclusively to the work of the Radiophonic Workshop. It was broadcast on 4-Oct-1973 as part of BBC Radio's 'Stereo Week' - a promotion which marked the introduction of stereo to Radio 2 and Radio 4.

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