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Title: Radiophonic Workshop 21
Label: BBC Records REC 354
Date: 1979
Track listing Composer
1 Quatermass and the Pit Desmond Briscoe 1958
2 Bloodnok's Stomach Dick Mills 1959
3 Outside Desmond Briscoe 1959
4 Science and History Phil Young 1959
5 The Artist Speaks Phil Young 1959
6 The Splendour That Was Rome Phil Young 1960
7 Interval Signal Maddalena Fagandini 1960
8 Phra The Phoenician Desmond Briscoe 1960
9 Stick Up Desmond Briscoe 1961
10 Time Beat Maddalena Fagandini 1961
11 Ideal Home Exhibition Maddalena Fagandini 1962
12 Time On Our Hands Delia Derbyshire 1962
13 Arabic Science and History Delia Derbyshire 1962
14 The Chem Lab Mystery Maddalena Fagandini 1962
15 Know Your Car Delia Derbyshire 1963
16 Dr. Who Delia Derbyshire 1963
17 Tardis Brian Hodgson 1963
18 Choice John Baker 1964
19 Hardluck Hall John Baker 1964
20 Talk Out Delia Derbyshire 1964
21 Science and Health ('Mike's Choice') Delia Derbyshire 1964
22 Secrets of the Chasm Tony Askew 1964
23 Westminster at Work Keith Salmon 1965
24 A New View of Politics Delia Derbyshire 1966
25 Environmental Studies Delia Derbyshire 1969
26 Chronicle Delia Derbyshire 1969
27 Great Zoos of the World Delia Derbyshire 1969
28 Minds of Evil Dudley Simpson 1971
29 Fanfare Dick Mills
30 Broken Biscuit Club Paddy Kingsland
31 The Plunderers Roger Limb
32 Mysterioso (Blakes 7) Richard Yeoman-Clark
33 Greenwich Chorus Peter Howell
34 Hurdy Gurdy Malcolm Clarke
35 Martian March Past Dick Mills
36 A Whisper From Space Paddy Kingsland
37 Swirley Roger Limb
38 Merry-Go-Round Peter Howell
39 BBC2 Serial Malcolm Clarke
40 Quirky Roger Limb
41 Newton Paddy Kingsland
42 The Secret War Peter Howell
43 Thomas the Rhymer Dick Mills
44 Contact Malcolm Clarke
45 For Love or Money Roger Limb
BBC Radiophonic Workshop 21

rec354.jpg (14933 bytes)The Radiophonic Workshop in the early days was less often asked to provide pieces to stand on their own than to create atmosphere and sounds to be incorporated into complete productions. The work was undertaken on very primitive equipment and with a multifarious selection of sound sources including an old piano frame, a water cistern, an enormous selection of bottles -in fact, just about anything that would make an interesting noise! In those days there were no synthesisers or multi-track machines. Tape manipulation and editing were the main techniques employed and several layers of sound could only be created by recording each one on a different tape and playing them all together, all the while hoping that the tape machines would stay in synchronisation.

Nevertheless, in spite of appalling problems the combined creativity of the people involved ensured that the Department not only survived but grew in size and reputation, each generation of composers building on the work of those who had left, and each adding their unique creative contribution.

Side 1 (1-28) covers the period from 1958-1971. All the tracks are mono and as far as possible are copies of the original masters. We have resisted the temptation to clean up tracks, so they exist in their original form-tape hiss, crackles, warts and all-and the listener should be able to detect a quality change over the first side as equipment was gradually improved (starting about 1962) as high-quality tape recorders came into use at the Workshop.

Side 2 (29-45) which is in stereo, is a cross-section of more recent material and shows how modern technology in the form of synthesisers and multi-track recorders has made a considerable difference both in the quality and the complexity of our work.

We hope you enjoy it.

- Brian Hodgson, Radiophonic Workshop

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