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Title: Out of This World
Label: BBC Records REC 225
Date: 1976
Track listing
1. Sea of Mercury
2. Galactic Travel
3. TARDIS take-off; TARDIS landing
4. Space rocket take-off; Space rocket landing
5. Flying saucer landing; Flying saucer take-off; Flying saucer interior constant run
6. Space ship control room atmosphere
7. Space ship interior atmosphere
8. Electric door opening; Electric door shutting
9. LASER gun - five bursts
10. "Computer"
11. Gravity generator
12. Time warp shut; run; stop
13. Venusian space lab
14. Andromedan war machine
15. Space battle
16. Dance of fire-flies
17. Dreaming
18. Crystal City
19. Enchanted Forest
20. Goblins' lair
21. Magic carpet take-off; Magic carpet flight; Magic carpet landing
22. Magic flower grows and buds
23. Magic beanstalk grows
24. Star fairies
25. Midsummer elves
26. Fairy appears; Fairy disappears
27. Wizard flies off
28. Casting a spell
29. Magic Mushroom
30. Magic bird song
31. Phantoms and darkness
32. Uncanny expectation
33. Spectres in the Wind
34. Evil rises up
35. Threatening shadow
36. Moments of terror
37. Passing shade
38. Psychic fears
39. Two terror twangs
40. Three terror bangs
41. Terror zing
42. Terror glissando
43. "Thing" approaches
44. Roaring monster
45. Firespitting monster
46. Nightmare forest
47. Fiendish shrieks
48. Heat haze
49. Desert sands
50. Frozen waste
51. Icy peak
52. Snow swirls
53. Passing clouds
54. Starry skies
55. Electric storm
56. Watery depths
57. Rising bubbles
58. Spring tide
The sounds on this disc have been chosen from the many created for radio and television programmes at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Abstract sounds such as these can be far more atmospheric and less distracting than conventional music and effects in many situations and yet they are quite difficult to create without a certain amount of technical equipment and know-how. So I hope that amateur dramatic groups and film-makers will find this selection a useful addition to their sound stage.

All the sounds are concerned with the unreal, the supernatural, with things that, if they do exist, are still only in the realms of the imagination for most of us. Some of them - the LASER guns, the space ship - can be used in the same way as conventional sound effects, but many are "atmospheres" and should be used as a musical background to any action.

I have divided the disc into four sections and chosen the titles of the bands for easy reference, but the impressions created by sounds like these are very subjective and so if you fail to find the particular sound you want in the most obvious section, look elsewhere; it is quite likely there will be something you consider suitable in an unexpected place. It helps to experiment by playing things at different levels, as some sounds seem to change completely when played loudly or softly.

Sounds are more easily controlled if they are first dubbed onto tap in the order required. If the band you have chosen is not long enough, you can either dub it off several times and cut out the gaps in between, or make a tape loop. Do this by recording a suitable short section , cutting it out of the tape , joining the two ends and holding it gently under tension so that it passes smoothly against the replay head, The resulting continuous sound may then be recorded on another machine.

However, unusual sounds like these are often more effective when sparingly used. Continuous background music can be very distracting if the action it accompanies is busy. If the tape is slowly faded out when the atmosphere has been well established and back in again at the end of a long scene the audience will hardly notice its disappearance and will be more able to concentrate on what is going on. Of course the background sound may be featured more in long film sequences where there is no dialogue or other sound, but generally speaking  the sounds on this record are not designed to be the centre of attention but rather to complement the action and complete the picture

- Glynis Jones, BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop provides a creative service, varying from complete background scores of electronic music for radio
and television productions, through sounds for poetry and science-fiction to signature tunes and experiments in stylised stereophonic sound.

The Workshop, at the BBC Studios at Maida Vale, London, is equipped with tape recording machines and other electonic equipment for generating, manipulating and synthesisng sound. The composition and realisation of this music and sound is done by a small number of specialised creative staff.

- Desmond Briscoe, organiser, BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

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