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The impossible we do immediately...
  • "We provide the basic scenery, the emotional climate, the temperature, the environment in which things are happening."
    - Malcolm Clarke, Radiophonic Workshop producer
  • "The sound is creating something that is not actually describable in words and that's the point of it. If it could be described in words, why use the sound ?"
    - Michael Bakewell, Radio and television producer
  • "There is a musician's skill there; there's also a high sensitivity to the subject matter whatever the script is about. You're not in the coconut rattling business if you can do that."
    - David Wade, Radio Critic, The Times
... miracles take a little longer.
  • "I would like the sound of an Easter egg factory run by rabbits"
    - A radio producer
  • "He drew me a beautiful Gothic altar piece and said 'that's the sort of sound I want'"
    - Delia Derbyshire, Composer
  • "Could you make us 16 minutes of silence?"
    - A television producer
  • "I want a sound no-one has ever heard before"
    - A radio producer

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